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    Do you dream of coming to work in Québec? Right now, thousands of employers have positions to fill and are looking for people with a wide variety of skills. Learn more about the fields in demand.

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    Québec employers are actively recruiting people from around the world. Job fairs, virtual job fairs, online interviews… Stay tuned for upcoming events!

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    a great place to get new work experience, continue your studies, or do business.

    Experience daily life in French-speaking North America, meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and enjoy a quality of life ranked among the best worldwide.

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    has 17 regions

    each with its own job opportunities and living environments.

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    Choosing to settle and work in Québec means opting to live in a French-speaking society.

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    Whether you’re coming for a job, school, or to do business, you are ready to create your future in Québec
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