A bright future for you in Québec A bright future for you in Québec

For Quality of Life

Choosing Québec means choosing a free and democratic society where people speak French. It’s a chance to live life the North American way and enjoy many advantages. It means raising a family in a peaceful environment. Choosing Québec means choosing a high quality of life.

Cost of living

Québec offers affordable housing, food, clothing and transportation. Health insurance provides free access to medical care and university tuition fees are among the lowest in North America.

Taking into account salaries and the cost of living, Quebecers have strong purchasing power.

The great outdoors

Québec is remarkable for:

  • the proximity between its national parks, green spaces and the downtown area of its large cities;
  • its varied landscape comprised of plains, mountains and countless lakes and waterways;
  • its vibrant urban centres and parks;
  • its sports infrastructure where outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in their favourite activities (hiking, cross-country skiing, cycling, etc.).

The landscapes that are transformed by the changing seasons with their unique colours.

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Québec has developed a lively culture, resolutely modern and open to the world. At the crossroads of European and North American trends, it is home to many talented artists who are increasingly present on the international scene.

Each year, its festivals attract hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. The festivals are held year round and in every region of Québec. Culture enthusiasts enjoy a vast network of performance venues, museums and art galleries featuring original works from here and around the world.

Sports and leisure

Quebecers love their leisure and the four seasons allow them to revel in a wide range of exciting activities.

In the winter, Quebecers can take advantage of an extensive sports infrastructure that allows them to enjoy nature in all its splendour. It boasts 90 downhill ski resorts, over 40 cross-country ski centres and more than 30,000 km of skidoo trails.

Spring, summer and fall offer a whole other range of activities: swimming, camping, cycling, hiking, canoeing, golf, soccer, tennis, and more. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite activities to their hearts’ content.

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