A bright future for you in Québec A bright future for you in Québec

For Social Programs

Many social programs have been instituted to help families, students, workers and people experiencing difficulties. Quebecers enjoy excellent healthcare, education and social security. Among other things, the government offers: public insurance plans in case of illness, job loss, road or workplace accidents as well as a drug insurance plan and financial assistance to families.


The Québec government has created a network of subsidized daycare centres adapted to the needs of today’s families.

Some of these centres offer spaces at a reduced rate.

Parental leave

Anyone who earns an income as a salaried or self-employed worker is entitled to parental leave for almost one year. The leave is paid and can be shared between both parents, for the birth or adoption of a child.


Healthcare services are accessible and available throughout the territory of Québec. Health insurance in Québec provides access to essential medical care and hospitalization free of charge.

Unemployment and government assistance

Workers who have lost their job and people who are unable to find a job can obtain temporary government assistance.

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