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The Estrie region extends along the border with the United States. Its proximity to North American markets gives it a clear advantage. Proud of its bucolic villages and magnificent Victorian houses, the region is home to many theatres, art galleries and antique shops.


Population : 327 089 inhabitants

Area : 10 197 km²

Cities : Sherbrooke, Magog, Coaticook

Emerging economic sectors : Processing of appearance wood and composites, transportation equipment and elastomers, micro/nanotechnologies for electronics, recreational tourism and biomedicine

Economy and employment

The Estrie region offers many job opportunities in most of the leading economic activity sectors and boasts an unemployment rate below the Québec average. In particular, the region is very active in the areas of textiles, microelectronics, computerization, agriculture, dairy production, appearance wood and composites processing as well as transportation equipment and elastomers. The Complexe biomédical de Sherbrooke, which includes the Faculté de médecine, Centre de recherche clinique, Institut de pharmacologie and Centre de développement des biotechnologies, is also experiencing vibrant growth.

The vitality of its small and medium enterprises, the quality of its business infrastructure and its proximity to North American markets has made Estrie the leading export region in Québec.

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