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Gaspésie, with its sleepy fishing harbours, valleys and mountainous backdrop, is the ideal place for getting away from the hubbub of big-city living. Îles-de-la-Madeleine, comprised of a dozen islands in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is a splendour of emerald valleys, white beaches and red cliffs.


Population : 91 442 inhabitants

Area : 20 272 km²

Cities : Gaspé, Chandler (Gaspésie); Cap-aux-Meules (Îles-de-la-Madeleine)

Emerging economic sectors : Fishing, marine sciences and technology, health and nature tourism, wind energy

Economy and employment

The regional economy is primarily based on fishing, forestry and tourism. These three sectors and their related processing activities are responsible for 25% of all economic activity in the region. The resource and marine sciences and technology sectors as well as health and nature tourism and wind energy are all growing sectors.

The sectors that create the most jobs are health and social services, retail, accommodation and food services, teaching, public administration as well as food and beverage manufacturing and processing.

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