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Less than one hour north of Montréal, the Laurentides region is remarkable for its natural resources, its diverse industry and a strong and prosperous tourism industry. The Mont-Tremblant ski resort, for example, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America. Well-known for its mid- and high-tech jobs, this region ranks second in Québec for export manufacturing.


Population : 609 421 inhabitants

Area : 20 546 km²

Cities : Saint-Jérôme, Mirabel, Mont-Tremblant

Emerging economic sectors : Tourism and holiday resorts, wood processing, food processing, transport manufacturing

Economy and employment

The Laurentides region offers good job prospects and many business opportunities in several activity sectors. Thanks to its well-developed tourism industry, the Laurentides region receives over two-and-a-half million visitors each year. The service industry represents 74% of jobs, particularly in recreational tourism, health, education, community services and public administration.

The region also boasts a wide variety of other sectors including wood use and processing, food processing and the design and manufacture of equipment for high-tech vehicles.

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