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Recognized as the “heart of Québec,” the Mauricie region is located halfway between Montréal, the metropolis, and Québec City, the national capital. Mauricie features vast and countless expanses of water (17 000 lakes) that occupy a major place in the region’s economic and recreational tourism development.

Photograph: Tourisme Mauricie, Concours Focus sur la Mauricie 2009 - Andrea Bertolo, 30 rue Radisson


Population : 269 289 inhabitants

Area : 35 448 km²

Cities : Trois-Rivières, Shawinigan, La Tuque

Emerging economic sectors : Metallurgy and light metals, hydrogen, energy, environment

Economy and employment

Mauricie’s economy was built around natural resource exploitation and processing. In the past and today, hydroelectricity, pulp and paper, forestry and agriculture play a key role in the region’s economic activity.

In Mauricie, a large number of specialized small and medium enterprises (SMEs) offer most manufacturing jobs. While companies related to natural resource exploitation, processing or marketing predominate, the economy is becoming increasingly diversified. The region also features a significant concentration of research and development and technology transfer centres.

Value-added papers and associated technologies, metal processing technologies, hydrogen and electrotechnologies, industrial bioprocesses and furniture are a growing presence in Mauricie’s economy. Recreational tourism is also a rapidly expanding sector. A land of nature, adventure, culture and history, Mauricie is notable for its diverse tourism options.

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