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The Nord-du-Québec region is distinctive for the vastness of its territory. It covers more than 55% of the total area of Québec and is the size of France and Belgium combined. This vast region is divided into two distinct entities: Nunavik, north of the 55th parallel, and the James Bay territory. Great open spaces are the hallmark of Nord-du-Québec! It is a unique place that defies description.


Population : 45 367 inhabitants

Area : 707 164 km²

Cities : Chibougamau, Baie-James, Kuujjuaq

Emerging economic sectors : Mines, forestry, recreational tourism

Economy and employment

Natural resource exploitation underpins the region’s economy. The forestry and mining industries as well as hydroelectric production are the motors of its economy. Activities related to hunting, fishing, trapping and tourism are also well developed.

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