A bright future for you in Québec A bright future for you in Québec


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Renowned for its economic vigour, openness, artistic effervescence and cultural vitality, the Montréal area offers an enviable quality of life. Its affordable cost of living makes it a city of choice compared with other urban agglomerations of similar size.


Population : 2 033 189 inhabitants

Area : 498 km²

Cities : Montréal, Dorval, Mont-Royal, Pointe-Claire

Emerging economic sectors : Aerospace, life sciences, information and communication technologies, agrifood processing and distribution

Economy and employment

The job market on the Island of Montréal constitutes a significant pool of jobs in several expanding sectors, including machine manufacturing, food and beverages, professional, scientific and technical services, healthcare and social assistance as well business and building services. Recognized the world over for its excellence in the aerospace, life sciences, information and communication technologies, Montréal is a major economic hub that generates over one million jobs.

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